Re-Think Recreation

Wow, I sure disappeared for a few days there! Sorry about that. Hubby and I have been working very hard to get things going with our new campground company.

We’ve actually made the executive decision to work with all types of outdoor/wilderness recreation, to increase sustainability, social and cultural responsibility, and profitability – simultaneously. A huge challenge I know, but something I honestly feel we can accomplish if we work together.

So this blog is going to take a bit more of a personal slant for awhile. Of course I’ll still be sharing my business wisdom which you can (hopefully) learn from, but rather than coming from a coaching perspective, I’m going to walk the walk, and live my life the way I encourage others to. I still have a strong passion for helping mom entrepreneurs, and that isn’t going anywhere – neither are my years of knowledge gained.

I just had the realization that it isn’t as sustainable of a business model as I had hoped, and that if I focus all of my energy on this one small part of who I am, a bigger part of me will end up being unfulfilled – the part of me that loves travelling and being out in nature!

So this website will become a journal of my work, a place for sharing my thoughts, and a charity project of sorts. The coaching services will be offered on a “what you can afford” basis to moms that I feel can really benefit from it – and the other products and services I had in development will just have to wait.

I might never get around to them, but I don’t care – using as my outlet and personal project, reaching out and touching the lives of mompreneurs, serves my vision so much better… As does chillin in the woods with hubby, making our outdoor recreation a culturally, socially, and fiscally responsible endeavor!

There won’t be much change around here, other than maybe switching to a theme that lets me put my content front and center. That is, after all, what this is about.

If you have business questions, or just want to hear more about the cool stuff I’m doing – from raising a family, to running a family business, to marketing sustainable recreation attractions and solutions – gimmie a yank through the comments!

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