Vacation – Part Two

After the Hard Rock tour, we decided to see a movie. That is one thing that I have missed since becoming a parent. It’s such a big deal for me to go to the movie theater these days. I had to do a little convincing to make it happen on our trip, but eventually I got my way. The compromise, of course, was that I had to see a boy movie. They chose The Green Lantern. I had no desire to see it, especially in the theater, but I actually really enjoyed it – and not just because of the eye candy either (Ryan Reynolds = hot stuff!). The movie was actually pretty entertaining.

Oh, and before the movie, I purchased my “souvenir”.

I have been wanting a pair of Tom’s shoes for mooonths. There are only one or two places to get them locally, and neither of them are convenient. I refuse to buy shoes without trying them on, so I ‘ve been waiting for the opportunity to do so. I scooped these babies right up when I saw them at one of the surf shops at City Walk. Never has a person been so excited to buy a pair of shoes. I would be embarrassed to say that if it weren’t for the fact that buying those shoes meant that someone in need would get a pair, too. Totally justifies my elation, I’d say!

We spent Monday morning and early afternoon at Universal Studios. I think everyone enjoyed that park a little more, me for nostalgic reasons and the boys because the rides there are a little more tame. We also got to see a couple of shows, Fear Factor and BeetleJuice something or other. Monday was hotter than Sunday, and it was almost unbearable. We were totally ready to hit the road by 3pm. I was so excited to get home to Haeden, and so, of course, he was SLEEPING (at 7:30pm?!) when went to pick him up. I tried to wake him up, and it just wasn’t happening. Since I had to be at work the next morning at 7am, I didn’t get to see his smiling face until Tuesday evening. Complete and utter torture.

Now, the trip was great, don’t get me wrong. But I missed my little man so incredibly much that sometimes it physically hurt. I know that sounds silly. It was just 2.5 days, but maaaaan, it’s the truth. We would be in the middle of something, laughing and having a good time, and I’d stop for a second and just say, “Gosh, I miss my Haeden!” And everyone would nod their heads in agreement and smile, thinking about the trouble he’d be getting into if he actually had been with us. This is not to say that I wish we would have taken him to Universal with us. That would be crazy talk. I’m neither brave enough nor stupid enough to take a toddler to a theme park in the middle of summer! I think I would have just preferred to have him on the trip with us, but maybe also have someone there to hang with him while the rest of us went to the parks.

Give me a “mommy’s night out” any day of the week, but a whole weekend?! No, I think I’ll pass. There is just too much happiness and joy that needs to be soaked up with him right now. I can’t stand to be away from those big, blue eyes for too long.

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