We live in TEXAS!!

FYI… 2 week break for Texas Summer Giveaway Bash. I will be posting all about summer these two weeks and what us Texans do during the summer, besides having a blast at the beach! lol

This past week, I went to check out Dollar General. Usually I only visit to pick up tape or maybe when they have a sale on soft drinks.

Since they started accepting Manufacturer Coupons, I thought I’d check to see what kind of deals I could get, not to mention their Dollar General Rhythm and Race! You get points for purchasing specific products (labeled in store) and then get to redeem them for awesome prizes!

I also wanted to point out that, in Texas, we are always getting ready for severe weather…. Hurricanes! Dollar General has an awesome “Severe Weather Survival List,” and it’s an awesome list…. I keep it in my coupon binder and have checked off items that I have stocked up for Hurricane Season!

Here are some of my favorites on the list because we always NEED/forget them…..

  1. Extra baby wipes! (when the water gets shut down)
  2. Corded phone with a long phone wire
  3. Wooden (eco-friendly) cutlery (or plastic)
  4. Finger Splint
  5. Trash bags that smell good!
  6. Deodorant

Important numbers:

FEMA: 1-800-621-FEMA

American Red Cross: 1-866-GET-INFO

National Weather Service: 1-850-942-8833

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

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