Daily Archives July 27, 2011

Another Year Older

OHhh boy! Our first born will be turning SEVEN YEARS OLD next week! I just can’t believe it. And guess what?! We aren’t having a birthday party for her. Well, we are, but not a traditional one. We have my cousins coming down to visit, and they are a little older than her, so we…

The Negotiator

“Tell me about this battle in the living room, Bob.” “It took me and Coop 75 minutes to build it, and it is very awesome.” “That part I know. I’m wondering when you are planning to clean it up.” “When’s the next dinner party?” “Next month.” “Definitely by then.” “I was thinking more like today…

Butterflies!An Introduction

This week, we are talking about butterflies! To get started, we took a couple of field trips. During breakfast, I asked Jonah if he’s ever seen butterflies in our yard. I asked him what colors of butterflies he’s seen? Were they big or little? How many has he seen? What were they doing when he…