Another Year Older

OHhh boy! Our first born will be turning SEVEN YEARS OLD next week! I just can’t believe it. And guess what?! We aren’t having a birthday party for her. Well, we are, but not a traditional one. We have my cousins coming down to visit, and they are a little older than her, so we can’t really have “kid” birthday parties anymore (except with our youngest). Plus I wanted to do something different.

Well, a few years ago a roller-skating rink opened up. On Wednesdays, they have $1 days! So we will be taking the family for a skating day! Super cheap, regular price is over $7 to enter and more for the skate rentals.

Then… Also on Wednesdays, it’s a dollar to go to the movies! SCORE! Not only will it save us money, but she will still have a blast!

So don’t be afraid to go out of the box for the family birthday parties! Even when you have a party in your home, you end up spending money, and the trash just builds up. Check out some ideas at one of my favorite blogs HERE.

But fear not, take a look at these gift ideas from Although these are gift ideas you can totally turn them into a fun birthday party. Here are just some of the ideas I got from that site….

Make an art box. Grab a shoebox and prime the outside with white paint to cover the logos and give you a blank slate. Paint the birthday boy or girl’s name on the lid, then fill the box with various art supplies! Small coloring books and mini canvases, packs of paint and brushes, colored pencils and markers, stickers a plain woodcut initial for the child to decorate are just a few things you could use to fill the box. You definitely don’t need to fill the box to the brim. Any fun assortment would work!

Get them cooking. Does the birthday boy or girl enjoy baking, or do you think the potential is there? Start with a kid-sized apron, and if you have sewing skills, sew a fabric initial of your giftee’s name onto the apron. Tuck it in a box along with some fun baking goods—containers of multicolored sprinkles and things to decorate cakes, icing bags and tips, or a cake pan in the shape of a first initial. Instead of baking, are they mini master grillers? Their own set of tongs, a spatula, skewers, and other grilling utensils would make a great present, too!

Get them their own bath set. A set of their own washcloths and their own rubber duck is a great gift. You could also raid the travel-size bins at stores like Bath & Body works for some inexpensive soaps and body lotions. If they’re younger kids, throw in a few bath toys like foam letters or floating toys. Fill a basket with the goods and tie with a big bow.

Start them gardening. Most gardening sections of big stores or nurseries have small-scale herb-growing kits that are perfect for kids. Get your giftee gardening by giving him or her a set of small terra-cotta (or plastic) pots, a few herb seeds, soil, and a watering can. Bonus if you include paint to decorate the pots! They’ll have a blast growing their own basil, parsley, thyme, and other herbs they can really use for cooking!

Cool, right? Let me know some of your favorite birthday memories! I’m thinking about making Yvette a “Me n Mom” Coupons so that she can use for some quality time with me! Summer is almost over and would love to take advantage of what’s left!


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