Circa 1954 Wreath

Welcome to our home!
Come on in!

What’s that, you ask?

That is the wreath I made out of an April 7, 1954 Newspaper from The Cedar Rapids Gazette.  I found it sitting in the bottom of an old chest I got from my grandma (who just turned 84 – Happy Birthday Grandma!!!). I wanted to display it somehow.  I saved the front page, but the next page I ripped into pieces and did my first decoupage!  So easy and fun!  I think you are technically supposed to smooth everything down, but I liked the edges kind of messy… rules were made to be broken anyway!

Cedar Rapids is in Iowa and is where my dad grew up (mostly).  My Grandpa is buried there, and a lot of my extended family lives there.  I know this isn’t a wreath that everyone would love, but it’s going to be nice to come home to this little piece of family history!


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