Failed Adoption

I contacted a woman regarding adoption a couple of weeks ago, and at first it seemed perfect. There were some red flags from the beginning, but given her situation, we decided to take the wait and see approach. However, as time went on, we became more and more uncomfortable with the situation. In fact, in her last email to me, she admitted that the paternal grandmother may try (and succeed) to convince the father not to sign TPR. That combined with many other issues was just too much.

We’ve been hurt so many times. I can’t keep this going and have it fall through in Dec/Jan. (She is due Jan 13th, but with it being twins, chances are they’d come before that.)

I had a breakdown today. The emotions completely blindsided me. It’s like I got pregnant four times only to be told “Psyche! Just kidding. You can’t have them.” Then go on to adopt twins only to be laughed at again. Oh, and let’s not forget the time we tried to adopt my nephew, only to have that fall through…and the teen that was considering adoption only to miscarry. I feel like I’m some cosmic joke…like I’m just a toy for God and the angels or something.

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