Slackers and Slides

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough spot with regards to my migraines and just trying to deal with being in pain on pretty much a daily basis. The good news is that, in less than a month, I will be starting acupuncture again. I did this very briefly right before I got pregnant with Haeden. I didn’t really experience it long enough to know if I will get good results, but it is defintely something I buy into, and now that my insurance pays for it, I’m happy to give it another shot.

Keep your fingers crossed, please. It has basically been determined by the “professionals” that alternative treatments are my only hope – at least until menopause. MENOPAUSE? That is not even an option, folks. I’m twenty-seven. I refuse to spend the greater part of my life in pain. Refuse.

Anyhoo, I also refuse to let this post revolve around poor, pitiful me. This should brighten it up a bit:

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