Sunday Scrapbooking

Good morning! Unless you’re like me, then congrats on not bashing heads when 2 of your 3 kids started coming in your room at 5:30 am to wake you up and kept it up every 5 blessed minutes. If you’re like me, pat yourself on your back and enjoy your coffee.

Yeah, in case that was a little too subtle for you, I’m in a pretty piss poor mood today. But let’s not keep us from checking out this week’s pages or from me sharing a little news.

Last week, I mentioned I was so happy because of some good news I got… so are you ready to hear the news??? ‘Cause I’m ready to share it. I got added as a contributor to the website Me So Scrappy. (taking a moment to bow to your applause) I am so excited. I actually have already started; I was officially added on the first and have done two posts there. (You can see them by clicking here and here)

Now, for this week’s pages! I did 5, but only love 3.

I finally got around to scrapping some of my favorite recent pictures of Ryan.
Made with Zoe Pearn’s C’est La Vie

The next two are where I wanted to try out a style that is rather different from my usual. I must say… I really like it!
Both were made with kits by Jazzmin Designs; the first was made with her Boys Only kit, and the second was made with her Spring Fever kit. (Scroll down to the bottom of this link to see the first of these two pages featured on the Gallery Stand Outs blog)

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