A back to school project

Yesterday, the big kids had their 4-H awards ceremony, where they got certificates, pins, and ribbons for the project books completed earlier in the year. When I have more than one free hand, I will find the photos and give you all the juicy details. Having a toddler along for the ride magically made two hours of festivities seem like an all-day torture.

Back to the reason for the occupied hand: yesterday evening, the kids came in, clamoring about a kitten lying in the road. I went out and didn’t see anything, and then a little black shape slipped under a fence into someone’s backyard. Alexei wanted me to toss him over the fence so he could get the kitten, and he was rather upset when I told him that A) there was no way on earth I was throwing him into a backyard of people who weren’t home, and B) we’d probably never catch it. End of story.

That would be too easy, right? An hour later, I went back out by myself on a whim, and the kitten was lying on the sidewalk, face planted on the ground. It hopped into some bushes flanking a house, and I gave chase and reached down to nab it. The poor, pitiful thing rolled on its back, mouth open and claws bared in a feeble attempt to save itself. I brought it home to a chorus of “Awwwwww,” and now we have another baby in the house. This skinny little kitty gives new meaning to pathetic. I think it’s a girl, probably 6-8 weeks old. It loves turkey baby food (ew!) and can manage wet kitten chow. However, it wants to be held and gives you big, sad green eyes if you set it down. I’ve contemplated strapping it in the Ergo baby-style, but that might be too crazy cat lady-ish.

I’m wondering what subject malnourished kitten raising can apply towards: science? The humanities? Community service?

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