Are you the type of blogger…?

Are you the type of blogger, who when you have something exciting to post about but can’t share the news yet, you just don’t blog?

I’m totally that type of blogger.

I’ve been sitting on some news for a few weeks now, but I was waiting to share it here until I announced it everywhere… I made that announcement today via Facebook (after actually telling certain family members first lo, so I can now share the news here too!


I’m having a baby!!

You might remember that, not too long ago, I talked about how I was so done, and so done with people telling me I needed to have another. Well, obviously that didn’t quite work out. lol After the initial “Oh ****!” reaction, and once the news sunk in with John, we decided to be happy and excited about the news. Really, I mean, unless I just want to be angry the next several months, there’s nothing else to do. lol

I’m feeling pretty so-so right now physically. I don’t have constant all day, everyday morning sickness like I did with Belly and Zach, but I do have all day nausea that doesn’t take much prodding to have me puking up my guts. I’m also beyond drained physically by the end of the day. Add in the always fun heartburn, constipation, and emotional mood swings of the deranged, and you get a pretty good picture of me right now.

We haven’t told the kids yet, we’re still working out how. But all of our family and friends seem to be really happy for us (for once).

Oh and I guess I should add that I’m due March 23rd.

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  • I got a 2year old baby girl and i was on the pill but i keep forget to take them and right after i came off my period i had spot for 2 days i took a test it said i wasn’t but i feel different what you think