Chicken Left-overs Replevin

Whoever said left-overs didn’t make for great lunch should be charged with fraud. There are many ways to put a creative spin on last night’s meal, especially when it comes to chicken. Here are two of our most recent (and most simple) examples of making good use of left-overs. When I pick up a whole fresh chicken, I usually buy two, as it’s cost effective and non-time-consuming to cook more than one at a time. One we eat for dinner, the second I save in the fridge and use for days after. With minimal effort, it goes into several types of meals. The possibilities are endless, with wraps, quesadilla, salads, soups, etc.

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches: Toast up some bread, spread a little dressing on, and add the fresh romaine mixed up with some chicken and Parmesan. Serve with veggie of choice.

Chicken Drumsticks with a side of shells and cheese: Yum, need I say more?

Reclaim your leftovers! Your budget will thank you!

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