Old-Fashioned Water Balloon Fun

It was such a hot day, I decided to forgo my “lesson” and let the kids have some old-fashioned fun playing with water balloons. I picked up a pack at The Dollar Store the other day and was happy that they were on hand so I didn’t have to load everyone up and go to the store.

After about a year of my life passing before getting a pile of balloons large enough to make the whole thing worthwhile, we headed out to the middle of the yard to toss them back and forth.

I thought we may have to “teach” The Younger how to play, but she got right into it, tossing the balloons so they landed right at The Older’s feet. As you can tell by the picture, that isn’t exactly how he wanted it to go, but that’s okay.

The Older got a bit excited when his turn came around and didn’t understand why we couldn’t smash the balloons into the body of his sister, but she didn’t seem to mind at all when he actually hit her…

… which ended up being a good thing, because she got soaked.

They had a great time, and I laughed so hard I actually fell over twice. The kids were wet, happy, and tired by the time we were done, and I considered the activity a complete success. If you get a chance, head out and toss some water balloons. I can guarantee you’ll at least get a chuckle out of it!

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