Once you’ve had fleece… You’ll never go back

The whole point of this blog post is to rave about the awesomeness that is fleece.

I have posted a lot about my hunt to find the right night time combo – recently, I have been using prefolds, which has worked out well, but if Emersyn had a bottle or two overnight [as she tends to do while teething], I have found she tends to wake up a little damp… Nothing that would be uncomfortable for her, but frustrating to me all the same.  Kind of like the diaper ‘winning’ and me losing.

A friend on JustMommies talked about fleece and using it overnight – and suggested a super easy way that a cover could be made by basically cutting up an old fleece blanket into a flat [diaper] shape, then pinning it on over a prefold or fitted.  I looked at my old, ratty fleece blanket and decided it was worth a go.  I did the cutting and got it all ready just in time for Emersyn to need a diaper change. I put it on her and expected her to wet through, but when she was still dry and was ready for another nap, I decided to see what would happen if she wore it for her nap.

That nap lasted for two hours [very abnormal] – and I was amazed when she got up and was DRY!   I decided I might as well bite the bullet and ended up cutting another couple of squares. When it came time for her to go to bed for the night, I put her in another fitted with the two layers of fleece over top.  I fully expected her to wake in the early hours, very wet.  Lo and behold, she woke up at 6am STILL DRY.


Every night since, Emersyn has had a fleece cover over top of whatever diaper she has worn to bed, whether it’s a fitted, prefold, or pocket – and we’ve not had a single leak. She hasn’t even felt damp.  I have the ‘flat covers’ that I ‘made’ for her, a Bummis polar wrap, and a Funky Bumz pull up soaker. I think I prefer the pull up soaker, just because it seems to fit her best around the legs, but I have absolutely no qualms in using either of my other fleece covers.

I really really wish I had tried fleece beforehand, because it would have saved Emersyn a LOT of damp pajamas and bedding, but I think a lot of cloth diapering is about trial and error – finding what works, finding what doesn’t, finding the products that make life just a little easier, and realizing what was really a total waste of money.  I guess that is the way it goes with any baby item though.

I will get some photos of Emersyn in her fleece soon, and post them up in the near future.

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