Since there’s no place to go.. let it snow…

As of around 10pm last night, we officially have snow – for once the weather forecast was right.

the snow at midnight

We had some little sleet showers on and off all day, and then I checked outside at one point and there had been a little flurry.  I hoped that wasn’t all we would get though… Emersyn woke up at midnight.  I looked outside and WE HAD SNOW….  It looked beautiful, and even though it was ‘dark’ outside, it still looked pretty light because of all the glorious snow that had fallen.  I took some photos in case it disappeared before the morning and Gaby missed out on seeing it.  In the end I woke her up and told her to look outside, so at least if it did disappear, she could say she’d seen the snow on the ground

Gaby’s first proper time in the snow

I was almost too scared to look outside this morning, in case there wasn’t any snow left, but mother nature for once had been kind to Christchurch, and had delivered more snow.  I am not sure if I was more excited, or if Gaby was – but either way we got wrapped up nice and warm and went outside for our first little excursion in the snow… It’s the first time Gaby has been in snow properly, so it was quite an exciting little first – and you couldn’t take the grin off of her face.  Admittedly, my grin was rather prominent as well.  I grew up in Twizel, where we got snow a few times a winter, and usually a decent fall – but here in Christchurch we are at sea level and it is rare to get snow – even rarer to get snow that settles.  Gaby had conveniently left her gloves in the car, so it gave us an excuse to take a little walk around the section too.  Naturally, Gaby picked up the snow with her bare hands, though I told her not to – she soon learned just how cold snow is.

Gaby and ‘Lily’

Emersyn just so happens to be sick – and I’m hoping it won’t get to the extent that we need to see the doctor – because there is no way we could GET to the doctor…  The roads are all pretty treacherous and my car is kind of stuck in it’s parking spot.  Because Emersyn is sick, all she wants to do is sleep, so when I put her down for her first nap, Gaby and I headed outside to make a snowman… actually, her name is Lily – and she is a snow woman.  It was the first time I have made a snowman/woman by myself, and I wouldn’t say I am any good, but Gaby was pleased with the results, so that’s really what matters.. not my lack of skills.

The snow continues to fall, but it is meant to stop at some point this afternoon – which will be good, as much as I love the snow, I don’t want it to get to the point that it turns frozen, and takes forever to go away.  But while it’s still here, it’s something fun for me and Gaby to do, and a bit of a novelty at the same time.

me and my little snow bunny

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  • Snow in August?!? Where do you live???? We have it much cooler today, but its still upper 70’s in the Memphis TN area.