Window Painting Activity

Today, I unpacked one of the boxes of art supplies and found the paint! I decided it would be a perfect day to make our own window paint and then paint the sliding glass door out to the pool. When I told The Daddy about our plan, he grew quiet a minute and then, in his ever-positive way, he said, “Well, that’s great! Now the window will get clean.” Not what I had in mind, but I took credit and gave an enthusiastic, “Of course! That was my plan.”

I gathered up our supplies:

  • Crayola washable Tempera paint
  • Melissa and Doug non-spill paint containers
  • Brushes
  • Dish-washing Detergent

I mixed the paint with a little detergent – a teaspoon or so. The more you use, the thinner the paint becomes, and I wanted them to have bright colors. It took only about 2 minutes to mix that up, and then we were ready to get creative! They were so excited at the prospect of ‘forbidden painting’ that they got right to work.

There was even sharing!

But that didn’t last long. Apparently, there was some mix-up about who really wanted the purple paint over who wanted it just because the other did.

Good thing the door is long. They were able to get their very own side, creating their own pictures without interference.

What fun they had! They spent about an hour doing this, and they only stopped because they ran out of room. I suggested washing it all off so we could do it again, but The Older was horrified. “What?! Daddy won’t be able to see what we did then!” So, the artwork stays until tomorrow. The Daddy will just have to wait for his clean windows. *smile*

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