A Day of Terror, Years of Healing

September 11th. Can you believe it was 10 years ago? The images are still burned in our minds and souls, and I’m sure just about everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the horror started. Where were you? What were you doing?

I was working downtown at the probation office. I was getting my files ready for court when a friend of mine grabbed my arm and said a plane hit the World Trade Center. I was upset, but I just assumed that it was a random accident. I was discussing it with another co-worker in the file room when I realized people were running to my friend’s cubicle where the closest radio was, and it was there that it dawned on me that this was huge. This was the real thing.

It was there among my co-workers that I heard the news of the second plane… and the third plane… and it was among the stunned silence following the news that my heart began to ache and my mind tried to make sense of what was happening. It only took about a minute for people to start crying, for the moms among us who had children in the military to start grabbing the hands of the people closest to them, for those of us with family working in cities around the country to start panicking because we didn’t know if the attacks were going to happen outside of New York.

Now, sitting here with the news on in the background, I hear the audiotapes of the people who were on the plane. Images of the planes flying into the building fill the screen, and people are sharing their thoughts and memories of that day. It leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth, and yet it also reminds me of the days, weeks, months following the horror when our country pulled together and truly became ONE, and that fills me with pride, honor, and thankfulness that I live in America.

So, where were you that day? What were you doing?

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