Blooming Bath Giveaway!

Hey mommies and mommies-to-be!  Would you like a chance to win a comfy and cute Blooming Bath for your baby?  Keep reading to find out how.

The Blooming Bath is a new and super-cool baby bath tub.  It is made of plush soft material that cushions your baby.

Its unique design allows the flower to fit inside any sink.  The petals spread out to hug the sides of the sink and provide a safe secure bathing experience for your baby.

Clean up is easy.  The Blooming Bath is designed with materials that dry quickly.  After bath time is over, rinse out the Blooming Bath and throw it in your dryer or hang it up to dry.

The Blooming Bath makes a great baby shower gift too.  Wouldn’t you be excited if you received this adorably packaged gift at your baby shower?

Tell us why you would like a Blooming Bath for your baby.  Leave a comment below and you could win a Blooming Bath for your baby.  Comments must be posted by noon PST, Monday October 3, 2011.  The Blooming Bath Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only.

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  • My friend is Due in March with her miracle baby. Her soon to be husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had a zero sperm count. But God saw it fit for them to conceive their 1st baby together just as his last round of Chemo came around. It was one of the most amazing surprises to witness. So obviously I want this extremely adorable budding bathtub as a gift for her. I think this would also be great because she is 6’0 tall and putting her itty baby in the big bathtub in a baby bath is just not a comfortable thing to even picture for her to have to do. So this would be a perfect gift for her her cancer free fiance and their miracle baby! Thanks for considering us!

  • Now, why didn’t I think of that! Smart design and looks so much more comfy or baby plus I love that you can wash it:) This would be fun to win

  • I am due in Feb. with twin boys and these look amazing and soooo comfy!!! This will be awesome to keep the boys up and out of reach of my 2 year old lol.

  • I would love to have one of these! This is so neat! My plastic tub is soooo not comfy for my baby! I want one for myself and I am definitely going to buy one for my cousin that is expecting! (Can’t afford 2 thought) Awesome!!

  • I am a surrogate mother who is getting ready to get pregnant for a very special couple. This would be an amazing gift to give to them when we find out we are pregnant!! And if by chance it doesn’t take, they can keep it for when it does happen. We are super excited to have our fourth round of IVF and really hope and pray that it takes this time! Last time we got pregnant, but miscarried. So I know this gift would be awesome for them to get for a WE ARE PREGNANT notice!!

  • I love this! Many of my best friends are pregnant right now and I would love to give this away as a shower gift!

  • Oh my! It’s perfectly adorable and exactly what I’ve been searching for!

  • My son would look adorable in the blooming bath! And maybe he would enjoy bathtime more in that comfy bath!

  • What an absolutely beautiful way to bath a baby!

  • I would love to donate this to our local Rainbow Room. They stock items for foster families.

  • I would absolutely love to win this! Living in a small one bedroom apartment, storage is slightly limited and this seems like the perfect item to have instead of those bulky plastic tubs and baby looks so cozy in it! it’s the perfect combination of cuteness comfort and style and it is unique. I can imagine bathing my little princess in this!!! *crossing fingers*

  • I have five kids number six due in December, a Blooming bathtub would just seriously make my everyday life that much easier to be able to watch my kids and give the baby a bath in my kitchen <3

  • These are absolutely adorable! And they do look oh so comfy 🙂 I would love this for my second baby on the way! 🙂

    [email protected]

  • We currently have one of the standard, hard, plastic tubs that go in the regular bathtub or sink, and we hate it! My baby boy screams when I put him in it, and then slides and sloshes around–it looks so uncomfortable! I didn’t even know they made a softer version. If the Blooming Bath is as comfortable as it appears in the pictures above, it could be my next go-to baby shower gift for all my friends and family!

  • This is so adorable…love it!

  • This is most likely our last little one, and they didn’t have anything cute like this when my teenagers were young. I’d absolutely LOVE to bathe my daughter in this adorable Blooming Bath. When she outgrows it, I know that I can pass it on to a friend that will be expecting a little girl.

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  • I would love to have one of these blooming bathtubs for my sink, it would be so much easier since I currently live in an apt with only a stand up shower. I am due with my 3rd baby girl at the end of January 2012.

  • Hi, Good evening ! I was searching essential things for my baby that I would be having soon God willing. Its my first child and dont know what to buy and I came across with this and I loved it. I would love for my little one to have this. Thanks