3 handfuls and a spoon.

We have a pumpkin carving rule in this house – Mommy and Daddy will not do this grossness alone. So we developed a rule of three handfuls and a spoon. The rule says everyone must take a handful out of the first pumpkin’s guts, and then two out of their own. They also have to help loosen the insides with spoons. If they don’t – we don’t carve their pumpkin. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, and we don’t bend it for anyone. For example, Zach almost didn’t get to do his pumpkin last night, because he was absolutely refusing to stick his hand in any pumpkin for any number of times.

And yeah… in case you couldn’t figure it out – this is all leading up to pumpkin carving pictures. lol

Drawing the faces to go on the pumpkins:

20111023-DSCN0072 copy20111023-DSCN0073 copy20111023-DSCN0074 copy

John carving the tops of the pumpkins. I swear, *I* did the first pumpkin. Me, not him. He even took a picture – and I guess he must have deleted it… But I swear I’m not lying. He took over because he said I took way too long.



20111023-DSCN0080 copy20111023-DSCN0103 copy20111023-DSCN0093 copy

Oh lookie, a few pictures of me looking all top-heavy and chubby thanks to bad angles and position. Why is it no one can take decent pregnancy pictures of me???

20111023-DSCN0098 copy20111023-DSCN0115 copy

Now the finished pumpkins! (order – Belly, Ryan, and Zach)

20111023-DSCN0131 copy

And… the kiddos!

20111023-DSCN0138 copy

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