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Change The World Wednesday is hosted by Reduce Footprints, an awesome blog that I came across through the Green Blog Hop and jumped right into the challenge. I plan to participate every week and hope to inspire and spread the word so that others can participate as well. If you participate, just leave a comment on the current challenge and you will get featured on the following weeks challenge. You can learn all about it HERE!

We completed last weeks challenge, all of our lights are CFL’s! We called our electric company about the power surges, and they said they can’t do anything about it. It just depends on the usage in our area. They said they occasionally run tests but don’t know what we could do about our lights burning out. I asked to talk to a supervisor, because I think that wasn’t a good enough answer…. I got put on hold and then heard a dial tone. I’m going to have hubs call to see what they tell him.

This Week’s Challenge:

This week’s challenge comes from Jennifer. I think it’s going to be a fun challenge! Here you go:

This week, find one way to lower the environmental impact of your pet.
OR …
If you don’t have a pet, suggest ways that we can protect wild animals.

I have never really thought about how we can go “green” with our pup. But after doing some research, here are some things I found and some may consider.

Spay & Neuter! One of the biggest things you can do to keep the pet population down. And speaking of THAT… adopt! Why spend hundreds of dollars at your local pet store when there are perfectly good pets at your local shelter, and for like 75% of the price? Call your local shelter to see what animals they need to get rid of before they are put down. That is just the saddest thing ever.

Another thing I was reading was about how dog owners are “Immortalizing” their dogs poo! Why?! Use biodegradable poopy bags. Also consider composting your dogs poo (separate from your garden compost). That’s just gross.

Here are some more tips to look over at TreeHugger.com.


Ready for our mantra? All together now …


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