Does Whatever a Spider-Pumpkin Does

This craft has been my plan to do since…well, forever. My mom used to make these amazing mini-pumpkins to sell at my dad’s store (he works in a produce department), and I’m not at all crafty and talented like she is, but I can certainly make it work for the kids! So far, we’ve made a spider and a ghost out of those little mini pumpkins you can find in the grocery stores for 75 cents, and Eric has loved doing it!

The spider is his favorite so far. All you need is some paint, 4 pipe cleaners, googly eyes (if you want them, or you can just paint eyes on!), and a glue gun. I went out an bought an ultra-cool glue gun for $5 at a craft store so I didn’t have to worry about the glue burning tiny fingers.

First, paint the pumpkin black! We used washable paints, and I learned that’s not the best idea, because the paint can and will flake later while trying to attach stuff to it. Next time, I’ll use just regular craft paint.

Set it aside and let the paint dry – Eric paints his pumpkin one day after school and does the decorating the next day. Once the paint is dry, take the 4 pipe cleaners (I had Eric pick; he wanted red) and fold them in half. Cut at the fold so you have 8 legs.

Put a small bend in each leg, then put a small dab of glue on one end of the pipe cleaner and put it on the side of the pumpkin. Be sure to hold it in place for 10 seconds so the glue can set! Repeat for each of the pipe cleaners, 4 on each side.

Once the legs are in place, choose one open side to be the face! Paint on a face, using the glue gun to add any extras you want (googly eyes, fuzzy eyebrows, whatever your imagination decides). Then stand back and admire your handiwork!

I haven’t snapped a picture of our ghost yet, but it was even easier to make! Eric just painted the pumpkin white, and once it was dry, he used a black permanent marker to draw on eyes and a big, round mouth. Ooooooooooooooo!

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