Girl power for Halloween

Halloween is such a sneaky holiday. We’re just catching the new routine, getting things set up…and it jumps out of a dark alleyway to say, “Beee-ware. It’s the start of the holiday season. I will sugar up your children and turn them loose into the nii-iight.”  Which is enough to terrify any parent.

I like Halloween. Any excuse to play dress up is fine by me. The kids have to get their ‘order’ to me by October 1st if they want new costumes.  Mark, now 10, believes he’s too old to go and so has decided to dress as himself and hand out candy. Megan, 7, bounced up to me with How to Train Your Dragon. Yes, she’s going to be Astrid.

Of course, I put off making it until nearly the last minute. That way, Halloween can feel accomplished by striking fear into my heart when I realize the school festival is Thursday.

The cost breakdown…
black leggings and a green t-shirt from goodwill.  $2.50.
brown and silver felt,  $1.50.
plastic canvas $1.00
silver puffy fabric paint $3.00
Fimo clay for skulls- donated

Transforming my daughter into a dragon rider, Priceless

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