Lazy or Smart???

When Troy was younger, I made sure he did things on his own. Some we taught him, others he figured out on his own, BUT he was fairly independent as a toddler. I remember being somewhere and a man stepped in to try to help Troy with his jacket (because apparently I was totally ignoring him), and Troy said, “No thanks, I can do it.” The man was amazed, because Troy was maybe 3. This was one of those things Troy was determined to do alone, and he learned quickly.

Now, fast forward to Will. The problem we are facing now is that we always seem to be in a rush to get here or there, so I am always doing everything for him – getting him dressed, putting on his shoes and socks, helping him with his jacket… Now that I try to get him to do stuff, he has no clue how. Or does he? Does he not know? Is he lazy? Or is he so smart that he knows I will do it for him? Hmmmmmmmm. I just don’t know.

I am definitely trying to make help him become more independent, but he’s very resistant. So is this a 2nd child thing, or is it something that we have created? I doubt we’ll ever know the answer, since we still rush here there and everywhere, but I know that I need to focus more on helping teach him how to do things on his own. However, watching him try sometimes is painful since he really does seem to not have a clue. I will swear, though, that the little bugger is smart enough to know how to act clueless and incapable when he’s probably thinking, “I have these people wrapped around my little finger and they will do ANYTHING for me.” The sad thing is, he’s right. Sigh. Definitely a baby of the family trait. Not that I would have ever done anything like that…….

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