Life with 3.5 yr olds and school…

Why do the terrible 2’s exist? I’m telling you right now, the 3’s are much more challenging.

Preschool has been fabulous. The kids absolutely love going. It was the best decision we could have made. They talk about the letters they are learning. About all their new friends. They love the activities they do. The playground is the highlight of their day. Going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday seems to work very well. They get all their learning in, and if they get sick, we have 4 days to get over it before they have to go back.

Speaking of sick… The 2nd week of school, Gabi brought home a tummy virus. The kind you don’t want to come home., Vomiting for 6 hours and then diarrhea. She started on Thursday night, 11:30pm, and we thought we were scott free. HA! Sofi started on Saturday at 2:30pm. Then Ian at 6:30pm. It gets better… I started at 8:30pm. And we thought Todd would get away from it all. Until about 5am Sunday morning.

5 days of vomiting.
1 week of diarrhea.
It.was.absolutely.horrible. Worse than I could ever imagine. But we made it through.

That’s not all. Last Friday, Gabi started with a fever. Then Ian. His went up to 104.4. Scary, and yes, we were in the tub. I say we…Ian & I. Todd sitting next to us. No fun. But it is all worth it. The kids’ immune systems are getting tested now rather than when they get to kindergarten. And they are happy about school. So, that’s what we have been up to.


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