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Building a Children’s Library on a Budget

One of the things Peanut simply loves is her books. She will sit down and go through the pages, intensely studying the pictures and interacting with the different elements on the page. We have made it a nightly ritual to begin reading 2 or 3 books to her before she goes to bed, and she…

Broken Glass Jello

I made this a few days ago and it’s been a HUGE hit with the kids. The recipe is super simple, easy to make, cheap, and looks and tastes amazing. Ingredients: 4 boxes of Jello (I used Raspberry, Lime, Orange, and Blue berry) 2 packets of unflavored gelatin (each box has 4 packets, I did…

A Tiny Crazy

photo “So, Bob? You’re sure don’t know anything about this?” “Nope. I really haven’t been taking your toothbrush out of the drawer and squeezing toothpaste on it and leaving it on the sink. Over and over. Everyday. At all.” “Really?” “Okay, I did it. Are you mad?” “No, I just thought I was losing my…

October Menu Plan

It’s that time of the month again! A new month means a new menu! The theme for this month is hearty soups, stews and roasts to keep us warm while we wait to turn on the heat. Oh, and all are budget friendly of course, with the average dinner providing leftovers for lunch! For breakfast,…