Pumpkin Production Line

Can you believe it’s almost Halloween?

We’re at a weird point with Halloween around here. The boys are in junior high, so they don’t have class parties or costume parades to prepare for, and Weston has only expressed interest in the day from a candy collection standpoint.  Kellan and Larissa are still not quite old enough to “get” the concept and therefore have only mild anticipatory excitement built up.  Eliza’s interest falls somewhere in the middle.  This year, she was indifferent about her costume and easily convinced to simply wear one of her brother’s old outfits.  In previous years, she and Maura always trick-or-treated together, but now, with Maura gone, I think she’s just not as excited.

Because there has been a clear lack of preparatory urgency this year, Halloween has basically fallen off my radar. Nonetheless, the show must go on, so this week we are trying to cram it all in: the pumpkin patch, the class parties, the last-minute costume assemblies, and of course…the cookies.  Every year, we make and decorate pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. Today, I decided that after swim lessons, decorating cookies would be a nice way to pass the afternoon.

(Allow me to interject some sage “I-should-know-better-by-now” wisdom.  If you have just had housekeepers cleaning your home all morning, perhaps breaking out icing, crumbly cookies, and sprinkles 30 minutes after they leave is not the greatest idea.  When will I learn?)

What I did learn is that my two little ones are very discerning decorators.  They both had very specific ideas about how they wanted the cookies to look, and if I didn’t work “to spec,” they were quick and aggressive with their criticisms of my work.

“I want one that looks dead,” demanded Kellan.  I complied. Or so I thought.

I think the zombie-like mouth lends a certain “je nes sais quoi” to the face of death, no?

Kellan thought not.  “NO, mom.  He needs “x” eyes and a sad mouth,” he commanded.

His wish, my command.
“You did it correct,” he informed me.

We did have a lot of fun with these fun little accessories that I found in the baking aisle at Target:

Candy eyeballs?  Genius.
After spilling an entire tray of sprinkles onto the floor, Larissa was “promoted” to eyeball placement specialist, a job she took very seriously.

“It takes a steady hand….” (name that commercial)

Kellan declared himself “the best mad mouth maker.”

The eyeballs totally crack me up.  I think they really gave our cookies personality:

The one with seven eyes is Larissa’s “alien” cookie.

“HEY!!  What happened to the top of my head???”

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