Words every mother wants to hear

I love you? Mama? Dada? Are these the words that every mother wants to hear? Of course!

These words mean so much. The minute your child begins to talk, it’s amazing. You start obsessing and trying to get them to say everything! “I love you” is something you cannot wait to hear from your boyfriend or girlfriend – and especially your child. It can mean so much, and it brings tears to your eyes when you finally hear it. Nothing is cuter than hearing that little voice say, “Wub you!”

Yes, there are so many words that have such a special meaning to a mother. Today, I heard words from my husband that I truly thought I would never hear, and I about fell out in the floor (which would have been a disaster with a catheter, I might add). I almost asked them to be repeated over and over, because I thought they would never be said:

“I don’t do enough around here. There’s stuff ALL.DAY.LONG!”

Halleluia! Can I get an AMEN!

Yes, throughout this ordeal with surgery gone awry, Mr. Mom has finally realized what all is involved with being a stay at home parent. He’s always thanked me for all I do, but he truly had NO idea until being a SAHD for almost a week. I admit, I was actually afraid it would backfire and Jay would be saying, “This isn’t so hard, why are you so tired,” or, “Why can’t you do it all?” Luckily, that is not the case, and those words were beautiful, soooooo very beautiful. It almost makes all this pain and suffering worthwhile. Well, not really, but still, good to hear!

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