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Project: Get Fit for Baby!!

During the months of May through June, I headed a project with Pro Health Chiropractic and ran our “Move it! Use it! Lose it! to Win It!” contest.  It was modeled after a “Biggest Loser” competition, but tracked not only body composition change, but steps taken and time worked out.  It made me hyper aware…

Just Smile and Keep Moving

photo Our neighbor Miss Olga was outside turning on her sprinklers as Bob and I rounded the corner. I waved. “Hey, Mom? She’s a very, very, very old lady and she can still walk!” “She can still hear too, Bob.” “Oh yeah. Hi Miss Olga!”

Party Pizza

I’ve made this a few times now. All the kids love it, Chris and I enjoy it, and any meal that isn’t met with even one child complaining is a major win in our house! You can use premade pizza dough if you want, I prefer to make my own. It makes me feel better…