Painting with Cups

Today we played with cups again (hence the title of my post, no?). I wanted to do something that she could really get into, and mess is usually best! I got all the supplies together, and I decided we’d learn about size and the relationships of size difference.

I set everything up, and after I gave her a quick preview of how to make paint circles with the cups, she went to work.

She was pretty proud of herself. We made faces, caterpillars, chains… All sorts of things. She was thrilled that she could use different cups to produce different sized circles, and from that make a picture of something she was familiar with.

Then, we moved on to “free play.” This was more of a mom-turned-her-back-for-a-minute rather than planned, but that’s okay with me!

She is usually happiest when she’s messiest, and I think that’s great.

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