Paper Roll Turkey

It’s the last Thanksgiving craft before the big day.  This is a great one to have the kids do while you are preparing  the most hyped meal of the year.  I bet most of you already have the supplies for this fun kids craft.      And if you don’t now, you will soon.

Supplies you will need:

  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Paper plate cut in half
  • Glue and brush
  • Glitter glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Construction paper turkey parts

I started by cutting a toilet paper roll in half, and also cut a paper plate in half.  From some orange construction paper, I cut out some turkey feet.  I wanted the toilet paper roll to be able to sit on top of the feet, so I made a heart shape and cut off the tip for the turkey feet.  I cut a small beak from red construction paper.
You can paint the toilet paper roll if you want, but I didn’t want to wait for it to dry, so I just went with the plain roll.  It worked well since it is brown anyway.  I used glitter glue that Grandma bought us at the dollar store (hey, I learned my frugal ways somewhere) to decorate the paper plate turkey feathers.  You could just use regular glue and loose glitter.
The first thing I had the kids do was glue some googly eyes and beaks to their rolls.
While the turkeys dried, we set out to decorate our paper plate feathers.  A and B have had trouble in the past squeezing glue bottles.  I decided to let them try again with these glitter glue bottles.  Success!  This was probably their favorite part of the activity.  They loved squeezing the bottles, watching the glitter glue pour out, and then spreading it with a brush.  Hey, it’s the little things!
When the plates dry, you can glue them to your turkey roll and tape the feet on the bottom.  You’ll be left with these cute little guys.
Why are all arts and crafts turkeys cuter than the real thing?  I have had a few run ins with turkeys, and they are always rather homely and ornery.  But I guess the whole Thanksgiving thing takes it’s toll on turkeys.  Maybe next time I am stuck waiting for them to take their sweet time crossing a road, I’ll remember that.
Happy Thanksgiving Mess for Less readers! I have lots to be thankful for and you all are a big part of that!

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