This week, I am Thankful for….

This week, I am thankful for everyday heroes – those people that serve our communities day in and day out, risking their lives to help others. These are jobs that scare me to death, and although I would be so worried about my boys if they pursued one of them, I would be so very proud as well. Obviously, I am talking about police officers, firefighters, and EMTs/Paramedics.

My boys are obsessed with these professions, and we have a full emergency garage at our house. It’s full of fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, rescue helicopters, and anything else the boys feel should be available to serve in any emergency (4 wheelers, tow trucks, “rescue” motorcycles….). We have played “911. What’s your emergency?” a number of times, and the boys have saved people from accidents, burning homes, and hazmat situations. They have rescued animals from burning barns or from people trying to steal them. Troy has given numerous talks on fire safety to children, and he has a full staff of “fire kids” trained to help him. Oh, and we can’t forget that Buffy was the “fire dog” when she was with us. Plus, I cannot tell you the number of tickets they have issued for traffic violations. As you can see, the boys take their job as hero very seriously and are the first to notice any vehicle with sirens. They must analyze what they could possibly be dealing with, where they are going, and such each time we see one.

We are also very lucky to have so many friends and family that work in such professions, so this thrills the boys and their eyes light up when we say, “Did you know that so and so is a firefighter (or police officer or EMT)?” It’s such a look of admiration that it warms my heart. It helps also that everyone we meet is so eager to talk with the boys, show them around the equipment, or let them help in some way! These people are truly heroes in our eyes!

And to show the love my boys have, here are some pics. You will notice there is a favorite though…

Troy had to be his hero for Halloween
To the left is there Emergency Vehicle garage. You can’t see just how many we have, but trust me….a lot.
Because every fire station has a pole.
Getting the tour….

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