Am I the Only One?

For the past few years, I have noticed something. It’s probably been this way for years, but I never paid any attention until having kids. At our local (well, 30 min. away) mall, the Santa area is set up right by Victoria’s Secret. Makes me wonder why they feel this is the best place? Sure, the kids see it when they walk by to other places, but am I the only one with boys particularly fascinated with half naked women? A little too fascinated for their ages – but maybe they are different?? I don’t know since I haven’t noticed it with other children before. Anyway, I guess I wonder if I am the only one who finds this odd? I would think they would want the Santa closer to more kid related stores or the kid’s play area. I have a few theories though.

1) Having it near VS keeps men from grumbling too much when the kids want to go. I mean, the line today was SOOOO long, so what better displays to look at, right?

2) The moms who stand in line for as long as they did today may look over and decide they should treat themselves to something nice, since they just dealt with mad chaos for who knows how long?

3) A female decided on the location to show men what they *should* buy their wives.

The husband has his theory, which makes perfect sense, about how putting Santa near the stores geared towards adults is simply better. The kids are going to want to see Santa wherever he may be, so putting it near these types of stores is just smarter. Period. Makes sense, so now I am changing my question to, “Am I the only one who has children that are overly fascinated with a 1/2 naked female???” You should see them at the beach! (They have yet to see Santa at the Mall though – not because of this, but because I am too cheap to pay for the picture.)

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