FREEBIE FRIDAY! The Very Hungry Reindeer Printable

This is another book inspired by Eric Carle. This time, I was inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar and our new reindeer friend, Mr. Reindeer.

In this book, the Reindeer finds himself very hungry as he thinks about all the flying he will need to do on Christmas Eve. So, he starts looking for something to eat! This book targets many different Christmas vocabulary words, as well as counting skills and basic concepts. Vocabulary targeted includes Reindeer, jingle bells, ornaments, presents, Christmas lights, stockings, Christmas tree, hot chocolate, candy cain, gingerbread house, fruitcake, gingerbread man, eggnog and chestnuts; counting  1-6, all the days of the week, concepts of big, round, colors, etc.

How to use this mini book:

  1. You will need scissors to cut out the pictures and glue to glue them in. (Optional: you can laminate this book, and the pictures, and use Velcro to attach the pictures to the pages. This would be great for small groups.)
  2. You will notice on each page that there is a small picture of each Christmas item next to its name in the sentence. This is to help young children help you “read” the book. (The pictures can also be an extra visual cue for step four. The children can match picture to picture).
  3. Read the book once through with your child.
  4. Go through the book a second time and have your child either glue in the appropriate pictures on each page. You will find that there are extras of each picture. This is so that your child can practice counting out the correct number of objects (You could also have your child draw his/her own pictures for each page.)
  5. As your child glues/draws, talk a little about each Christmas item: What color is it? What shape is it? What is in it? What sound does it make? How big is it? What does it feel like? Etc.
  6. Talk about all the items on page 8…have you ever eaten them before? What do they taste like? Is it warm or cold? Hard or soft? Etc.
  7. Read the book often in the weeks leading up to Christmas. See if your child can “fill in the last word” on each sentence after you have read the story several times.
  8. Follow up activities: Have a scavenger hunt: Can you find the items in the story in your home? Where are they? What about at the store?

You can download your own copy of The Very Hungry Reindeer (with directions) HERE.

BONUS: Make yourself your own Very Hungry Reindeer…And then download this set of pictures and “feed” the reindeer as you read the story! (Download them HERE)

My daughter LOVED THIS! She had so much fun feeding the reindeer all the silly things as we read the story. She also is learning some new words! This would also be a great activity for a small group, like at circle time. You could give each child one of the items and have the child come up and feed the reindeer at the appropriate time in the story! :D

Please let me know if you use this book and/or the Feed the Reindeer activity with your children or students! I LOVE feedback! As a thank you, I’d love for you to become a follower of my blog! You can follow on Google Friend Connect, via Email, Facebook, Twitter (although I am not great a Twitter yet! HA!).

With that…I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend with your families!


(All clip art thanks to Microsoft Office Images and Graphics Factory)

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  • Hello! Love this idea. Is it possible to still download the book? When clicked on it says “page not found”

    If so, please email me I would love to use it in my Parent Infant therapy sessions with deaf and hard of hearing babies & toddlers 0-3

    Thanks so much!

  • I’m also trying to down load this, could you please e-mail me, the children would really enjoy this activity at the daycare

  • Hi! I’m a spanish English teacher and I would really love to use your minibook with my little ones. I’ve been trying to download it but it doesn’t work. Would it be possible to get it another way? Thank you very much in advance!
    By the way, you’ve created wonderful resources to teach! Wonderful job!

  • Anyone had any luck downloading? I (and my students) loved this book last year, and lost my master 🙁

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  • I have been trying to download the story and pictures, but can’t. Would you please email them to me?

  • Would you be able to email me ([email protected]) this to use with my preschool special education students?


  • I am also trying to download and it won’t. Can you please email to me. Love the book and want to use it with my preschoolers. thanks

  • I haven’t been able to download the reindeer book. I would love to use it in my classroom.

  • Please send me the link! My daughter wants to make this book. Thank you.

  • Hi! I’m a kindergarden teacher and this book is perfect for our winter unit! Could you please email it to me at [email protected]?? Thanks a ton!!

  • Hello, also trying to download not getting a response could you please email me a copy of the book. My children at school would lOve this. Thank you happy holidays

  • I cannot download the reindeer book. Please help.

  • I teach a lower elem. special ed classroom and I know my students would love this book; but I had the same problem as the others who commented. Please send me the link and thank you for this wonderful idea!

  • Would it be possible to get a copy of this book. I would love to use it with my students.

  • I would like the reindeer book as well. I am not able to download it. thanks

  • Please send me the link to this cute story, I want to present it to the storytime group 🙂 Thanks!

  • I would love this book but can’t download it. Could you please send a copy. Thank you

  • As a special education teacher to students that are intellectually disabled. I am constantly looking for activities that enhance language skills. I absolutely fell in love with this idea. We just read the Little Old Lady who swallowed a pie and my students loved feeding the lady. I know they will love this activity as well. I could not access the reader. so if you could e-mail me, it would be awesome.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am a true fan.

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    Thank you sooo much!!!

  • Like everyone else, I would love to use this in my early childhood music therapy group. If you are still emailing it out that would be great! Thank you 🙂

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  • I would love this as well! I work in a pediatric clinic and this would be great for all disciplines!

  • I haven’t been able to download the reindeer book. I would love to use it in my classroom.

  • Hi! We have used this for the last two years in my kindergarten class, and I seem to have lost my master copy! 🙁 Could you please email it to me? I would be so appreciative! I love it for counting and some of the great sight words that are in it.

  • Can you send me the link please? Thanks bunches! 🙂

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  • I would love to use this with my special needs students, can you please email me a copy. Thank you!

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  • Can you please send me the link. I would love to use this with my students.

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