Sprinkle some Love – Popcorn Kernel Review

Good afternoon! Today I’m coming to you with an awesome review on something that I use more than once a week! You should definitely check it out when you can!

Yes! Kernel Season’s, Popcorn Seasoning! I eat my popcorn at least once a week. One day, while I was tweeting with Kernel Season’s, they were talking about a new “Seasoning” that was coming out, and I was telling them that I loved them and had popcorn weekly. So they said they would send it to me and I could do a review on it if I wish! Bam! Like 5 days later, here they were on my door step.

So that was it, I tried them and, of course, I loved them. Let me tell you, I am NOT a fan of one of the items, but on popcorn, wow, it just tastes soooo good. Check out the new flavors:

How brilliant are they?! They have over 10 seasonings to begin with, and now they added these two.

First the Pumpkin Spice – this is the one where I don’t like pumpkin, but this one is just fab! The Milk Chocolate Carmel… Well, you know, it’s chocolatey and carmely, and it’s not too sweet, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves sweet & salty flavors (like me).

So what if you don’t like popcorn? Well, how about you sprinkle the pumpkin spice on top of a pumpkin pie! Or in your coffee to add a little “holiday” in your cup.
And for the Milk Chocolate, you can sprinkle that on top of your pancakes, and the obvious, on your cup of hot chocolate! Better yet, and my favorite idea of all…. on top of a nice bowl of warm oatmeal! If your kids aren’t in love with oatmeal, they are now.

If you have a movie lover in your home, or a popcorn lover, this is just a fabulouo gift that you can add to their favorite movie. Check out their website where you can order directly from, and they even have some online deal as well. If you know you’re going to love them already, be sure to sign up for their Kernel Club for their latest information and savings.

So, I just want to say THANK YOU to Kernel Seasonings for making such a fab product and for letting us try out, and enjoy, their new seasonings! Our family has enjoyed them, and I hope you will stop by your store and check them out as well…


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