Daily Archives January 2, 2012

Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic (at Rogers Centre)

Dan and I bought tickets to Disney on Ice as part of Noah’s Christmas present. Noah has always loved Mickey Mouse and anything Disney. (His favorite Disney movie is Lion King.) We splurged for front row tickets to make sure we could see all the action clearly. Now, having been there and seen the seating,…

7 Free Printable Month Stickers Round-up

Monthly Photos-Free Printable Month Stickers Roundup Things have been crazy around here with my 2 little Bears. I really wanted to design my own printable month stickers for you BUT the amazing internet already has some really great options to try that are already created {one less thing off my plate, phew}!! I loved the…

Instant Chai Mix

When I was working in nursery school, I would often get sweet little tokens of appreciation from the kids and families that I cared for, especially around the holidays. It always touched me to see how much thought parents put into these typically home made gifts. They always had a personal flare on them from…