11 Months and Walking

Dahlia started walking just after Thanksgiving – right around when she turned 11 months old. This is about a month and a half earlier than her sister! She is so cute and so small when she walks! She still sometimes crawls if she is tired or needs to get somewhere quick, but mostly she is walking now.

She also has added some new words to her vocabulary. Along with mama, dada, kitty, sissy, hi, ball and jump, she can say bird, cat, water (wa-wa) and some other word we can’t quite identify but which she associates with her lovey.

She is growing so fast, and everyday she resembles more and more a toddler and less and less a baby. I am treasuring the moments because I know how quickly they go. Soon, she will be a “terrible” toddler and we will have a whole other world to deal with!

I am still breastfeeding her (current goal is 18 months so still 6 months to go!), although not exclusively. Her favorite foods are biscuits and crackers, mashed anything (potatoes, sweet potatoes), bananas, baked oatmeal, larabars and eggs. She does seem to have a food allergy as evidenced by her eczema outbreaks, but we still have not been able to correctly identify what it is. We are in the process of beginning a big elimination diet to see if we can rule out the most popular allergens right away. She nurses about every 3-4 hours, depending on the day and how she feels. If she is sick, she will nurse about every 2. The daytime sessions usually do not last more than a few minutes, but her nursing style was always very quick even from the beginning. She still nurses at night 2-3 times as well, although the stretches are slowly getting longer and longer. I look forward to the day she starts sleeping through the night, which will hopefully be very soon!!

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