Holy Cow – 10 weeks to go?

What I want to know is how, exactly, I got to be so pregnant. Of course, I think it snuck up on me mostly because of the holidays. I’ve definitely been feeling pregnant, and it’s hard to ignore the huge movement and rolling and pushing that’s going on in my belly these days, but in my head I just had my 20 week ultrasound…except I’m 30 weeks along now.

And that leaves a little over 2 months to go. Say what?

In one way, I’m ready for this baby to be born and to get on with it. In another way…not so much. I plan to enjoy these last months of pregnancy in a way I wasn’t really able to with Danny. In just 2 more weeks, I’ll hit that point in the pregnancy where – frankly – all hell broke loose. Instead of relaxing, picking up baby stuff, and oo’ing and ah’ing over all the clothes and toys and stuff being gathered, I was attending way too many appointments, getting weekly ultrasounds, and standing in the shower staring at my moving belly, wondering just how I would manage if this baby I carried was indeed severely disabled. Those are not exactly warm and fuzzy memories.

I find that, as I approach the 32 week mark, I am finally starting to lose the calm and mellow view I’ve had of this pregnancy. I expected to be worried the whole time, but really it’s just beginning to creep up on me. This child is a very active boy, and the movements are large and strong – which goes a long way to reassuring me. My biggest fear, though, is that I’m going to get sick sometime in January…a notorious time for the sickies to hit anyway…and it’s going to freak me right out.

Thankfully, my doctor understands all this. At my 28 week appointment, she told me she didn’t need to see me for 4 weeks (though usually I’d transfer to every 2 weeks at that point). I’m comfortable with that for now, since really things are going great and visiting the doctor next week with the boys still off school would be a massive pain in the butt. However, she told me that if at any point I am worried, for any reason, all I need to do is call and they’ll get me in. We’re also at the point now that we are doing monthly ultrasounds, not because there is any reason to think there’s a problem, but just because it makes us feel better. And it did, definitely. When I saw a peek of the baby’s brain and didn’t see those tell-tale dark spots that were Danny’s enlarged ventricles, the first signs of serious things amiss, I felt my whole body relax a little. The doctor confirmed that everything looks perfect, and we’ll look again at 32 weeks to make sure nothing has changed.

I feel a little silly for the extra monitoring when there’s nothing wrong, but it does help my state of mind. Having that image in my head and feeling these massive kicks, letting John feel how strong he is, it makes me feel better.

As for the 28 week appointment otherwise, all is well! I have gained just under 30 pounds, my blood pressure is great, and the baby’s heart beat is exactly where it should be. The ultrasound showed perfect growth; he is about 2lb 14oz, with big feet (something all of my babies seemed to share), settled head down (for now) and chilling. They did my glucose test for gestational diabetes, leaving a huge bruise on the inside of my arm that is still lingering over a week later, but with no history for it and no symptoms the doctor expects it to be just fine…and I haven’t had a call yet, so I can’t imagine the results were anything but good.

Now, if only I were feeling as flexible as baby is. I’m pretty sure if I did this, I’d break in half…

Yes, that is his profile. And yes, those are his knees rubbing against his eyebrows. Oh! And they saw a bit of fuzz on his head… Looks like he will probably be born with a little bit of hair.

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