Thank you National Geographic

I was watching a documentary on King Tut the other day. (“King Tut’s Final Secrets,” if you’re interested.  I found it on Netflix.)  It was mostly about the CT scan on his mummy, trying to figure out once and for all definitively why he died, but they also mentioned the contents of his tomb.  They talked for several minutes about the two mummified babies.  For some reason, Howard Carter thought the smaller one was stillborn and the larger died shortly after birth, but you can’t really tell that from the mummies.  Both were smaller than a full term baby.  Anyway, in talking about this, they described the babies’ deaths as a “terrible tragedy,” and it was so nice (especially in light of comments and controversy around the stillbirth of little Jubilee Duggar) to have it recognized as a tragedy when a baby dies.

They also ended the documentary with a quote, that sums up the reason why I write this blog, the reason why I do things in my daughter’s name:

‎”To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again. It restores the breath of life to he who is vanished.” ~Egyptian Book of the Dead

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