Adding to the Family

This weekend, we made the decision to add to our family. Two children just aren’t enough for us, so after much thought and me being very patient (as I was ready weeks ago), we chose to adopt. She’s a beautiful 10 month old girl, and we are all in love with her. She’s very sweet and gentle, but she has a little separation anxiety. I think as she gets used to our house and our routines, that will ease up. I really think that she’s the perfect fit with our family and will be a great little companion for all of us, particularly the boys.

Meet Sabre 🙂

I know growing up, having a dog was so perfect for me. I loved having a dog to play with, take for walks, sit with, and just to have close by. For me, I wanted the boys to have this as well. After Buffy was hit in September, it was obvious that something was missing from our family. Even though she wasn’t playful with the boys and kept to herself, it just wasn’t the same. I have missed her terribly, and I know the boys have as well.

I was ready back in the Fall to adopt, but Jay reminded me that around the holidays was not the best time, so I agreed to wait. I have been keeping tabs on the local animal shelter’s website to see if there were any dogs that would be good for us, and I finally went out Friday to look. The first dog I chose to see was very sweet, but I found out she was not good with other dogs. I was upset, because we go to my sister’s, and she has 2 dogs. That would have never worked. I was so thankful they were honest with me about that. Then I asked to see a lab/pit bull mix, and let’s just say, she chose me. ♥ She immediately ran over, sat down, and put her head in my lap. She was so affectionate and gentle and just so sweet. Jay agreed to go the next day and see if she met his approval, and also how she was around the boys. As you can imagine, she was amazing. Troy was a little afraid at first, because she immediately ran over to say hello, but he warmed up quickly. Will loved her immediately, so we did the paperwork, they gave her a bath, and home she came. Troy said later, “Mommy, I love her already.” Later, I gave Will a kiss and told him I loved him. His reply? “Mommy, I love the dog.” I think this was the perfect time with the perfect dog ♥

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