Conversations with Haeden

It’s quite funny to look back and remember that, this time last year, our pediatrician was suggesting that we take Haeden for a speech evaluation. At this point, I can’t remember how far “behind” he was, but we all knew that he was definitely not saying as much as the other kids his age. Ultimately, we decided to wait it out. We realized that his pediatrician was just trying to be proactive, but we figured we’d wait until he hit two before running out to getting him analyzed. And we were glad we did. The month before he turned two, he started to talk up a storm, and he basically hasn’t stopped since.

I absolutely love his voice. He has the most adorable southern drawl that you ever did hear, ya’ll. And the funny thing is that he is the only one in the whole family (other than my sister in VA) that talks like that. No idea where he picked it up, but it is seriously cute, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The best, of course, are the ridiculous things that come out of his mouth. Never a dull moment when you have an almost three year-old.

We are planning a trip to Disney next month as an early birthday gift, and we’ve been talking about meeting Mickey Mouse a lot the past few days. Here’s how it went this morning:

Me: Are you excited to meet Mickey Mouse soon?
Haeden: YEAH! He’s gonna take me to his clubhouse!!
Me: Oh yeah?
Haeden: Yeah! And Imma HUG him and KISS him and show him my FIRE SHOES!

It always comes back to the fire shoes, you guys. Always.

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