Eat Dirt

I heard this song the other day and loved it. It’s one of those songs that I can totally agree with on one hand, and on the other, never want my kids to hear it. Take a listen and see what you think. No one wants their children to experience pain and heartache, but sometimes it truly can be the only way to truly grow. It also reminds me a lot of someone I am close with who will do anything and everything to protect her children from learning things the hard way. She feels that she “messed up” so much as a teen that her children should just listen to her and avoid doing things she did. However, as much as I understand that, sometimes I think children need to learn things by experiencing. Of course, I will never suggest to my boys that they should do certain things and figure it out (ie. drugs, smoking, drinking). Will they do it? Who knows, but I can guess they will try no matter what I say, but like I said, I will never encourage it. I am speaking more about things that aren’t illegal and dangerous, but events that may be difficult.

This song makes me think about helicopter parenting. You know, those parents who hover and swoop in to help even when it may not the best idea. I strongly believe in being there for your children in every instance (what parent doesn’t, right?), but children also need to learn how to solve problems, handle heartache, defeat, and yes, learn lessons, even if it’s not pleasant for them. I will be there to help when I feel it’s needed, but you will not find me making excuses when my children lose, fail, or struggle. I will be there to comfort, but I will never blame someone else (unless it’s truly obvious it is someone’s fault, of course). Is this the best way? No clue, but it’s going to be my way. So yes, I will let my children “eat dirt.”

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