Reading… Kindergarten Style

Eric seems to have found the “keys to the castle” when it comes to reading…because suddenly, he is doing an amazing job of it! For a while now, he has been bringing little poems and books home from Kindergarten, and he reads them himself. He has been wanting to read more books, but all of the level 1 or pre-1 books I’d found, even the Phonics books, were just a bit… Well, honestly, they weren’t too hard, they were just too long. He could read them, but by the middle of the book, he was tired of working so hard to read it.

“You read it, Mommy!”

So, I remembered a book series I’d heard of a while back – Bob books. Not Bob the Builder, though… Just Bob.

The first couple of books I flipped through from the first set seemed almost too easy, but they progressed quickly through the set, and by the end of it they were perfect for Eric. Short sentences, repetition, word families, and a lot of words he could easily sound out.

It was like mana from heaven for the kid when I brought them home. He was so thrilled that he could read books all by himself! Randomly, he would pick up one, sit on the couch, and just…read. Other times, he would tell me I needed to sit down so he could read to me.

He was so excited. He was reading! All by himself!

I’ve since picked up the second set, and he’s slowed down a little…but not much. They are slowly getting more difficult, but he doesn’t give up. Now and then he’ll run into a word he’s not sure about, and he’ll ask for help, so we sound it out together.

The confidence he’s gained from the Bob books has been well worth the investment. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy more or not yet – they’re a little pricey – but I love that we have the ones we do and I won’t hesitate to buy more sets if I think he’ll benefit from them. Until then, we are finding more and more environment reading to do. The confidence and abilities he’s gained from the Bob books is letting him sound out more and more words, and sometimes if I’m reading one of the level 1 books, I’ll get him to read a sentence here and there for me.

I am so proud…and more importantly, so is he.

Today, simple sentence books. Tomorrow, level 1 readers. And then…the world. Comic books. Chapter books. We are standing on a ledge together, and I am so excited to watch him jump and fly with this.

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