Valentines for Boys

In Kindergarten, at Christmas, the kids made calendars for the adults in their life (parents/grandparents/whoever – they call them “your adult” to be safe). For January, Eric drew a family of snowmen, and it was cute. For February…

“Mommy, I drew you some hearts for Valentines Day, because I love you! But the hearts are all bombs, and they’re hooked up together. The guy, he’s a spy, and he made the heart bombs. They have a timer, and it counts down – 3! 2! 1! BOOM!!!!! But then the spy, he was standing too close to the hearts, so his leg got blown up when they exploded. He had to go to the hospital, Mommy, because he lost his leg.”

Yep, I’ve got boys.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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