Your Winter Wardrobe with a Splash of Color

I love that March is around the corner! Mother Nature is awaiting to splash our world with color as the first buds of green appear, giving us a glimpse of hope for warmth.  Usually, by the end of February, I get so tired of my dark and dull wardrobe.  I am ready to embrace some sunshine, literally and figuratively.  Don’t you love that giddy feeling you get when you walk into the department and the displays are decked out for Spring?

Since Winter is still lingering around, here is a fun way to color this season:

  • Add a pop of color with your accessories: jewelry, hand bag, nail polish, belt, scarf.
  • A perky cardigan.
  • It may be too early for sandals, but some fun springy flats will energize your wardrobe.
  • A crisp white shirt with ruffles.
  • Springy sleeveless top with a cardigan over it to keep you warm.
  • A light flirty skirt to go with your wintery top.

Come away with me as we dream of Spring!

This happy yellow is screaming “SPRING, let’s play in fields of butterflies and daffodils.”

Yellow and grey

Soft Pink reminds me of fluffy cotton candy at the fair.

soft pink and grey
images via Polyvore-Kristen-344

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