Daily Archives March 30, 2012

Recipe: 3 Minute Single Brownie

If you love chocolate and you want to make a quick treat then this is the perfect recipe for you. When I was a low carb dieter I loved to make warm brownies that contained cocoa powder, splenda, powdered milk, and water.  And I would top them with cool whip because they were kind of…

Food Fun Friday – Marshmallow Sugar Pops

My mom got me a subscription to Food Network Magazine which is really funny if you know me. While I like cooking and food, I have little time to do anything elaborate and even less time to watch the Food Network. But I have gotten some nifty inspiration from Food Network Magazine. You may remember…

Friday Five: The Changes of Springtime

Waaaah. Our awesomely sunny week of 80+ degree temperatures has come to a dreary end.  It is gray and rainy and cooler…but still humid??  Basically it’s all of my least favorite weather combined into one icky day! 1) This Wednesday we drove out to visit my mom again.  My dad was substitute teaching so we…