Friday Five: Surviving


Is it bad that sometimes I really do feel this way?  Lately I kind of do.

2) Larissa is staying in her crib, for the most part.  But some nights we go upstairs and find this:

Or this:

3)  This Crossfit challenge that I’m doing is a huge emotional roller coaster.  There are things that I think I can’t do and then I do them.  These realizations aren’t as celebratory as you’d think.  They make me wonder how many other things I think I can’t do but actually can.  And then I think, “Holy cow.  You must be the most pessimistic person on the planet,” and I spend the rest of the day in a contemplative depression.  Awesome.

4)  I was feeling creative the other day and although my inclination was to run out to Hobby Lobby and buy new stuff to craft with, I considered our fiscal situation and used my ingenuity.  And my stash of craft odds and ends.  And my backyard.

It’s not Rembrandt, but it makes me happy to look at because I made it and because I took time to be creative, which is something I don’t do often enough lately.

5)  I can’t believe it’s Daylight Savings time again.  That was fast.  Although I hate giving up an hour of sleep, I’m glad to see more light at the end of the tunnel day.

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