Friday Five: The Changes of Springtime


Our awesomely sunny week of 80+ degree temperatures has come to a dreary end.  It is gray and rainy and cooler…but still humid??  Basically it’s all of my least favorite weather combined into one icky day!

1) This Wednesday we drove out to visit my mom again.  My dad was substitute teaching so we missed seeing him.  I really wish I could convince my parents to move closer to us.  With no close friends around during the day, it was kind of nice to have my mom to pal around with instead.  So much in my old neighborhood has changed, but at the same time, so much has remained the same.

This is my old high school:

And this is the house where I grew up:

There used to be a wonderful Addams Family-looking mulberry tree in the front yard that added so much character to the house, but it was ripped out a couple of owners ago.  My mom also had the front area so beautifully landscaped with gorgeous bushes and flowers, but those were ripped out as well.  From the front, this looks exactly like the same house I grew up in, but one owner came in and tore off the entire back of the house (including the lovely deck my parents built) and attached a Mcmansion.  The backyard was small and intimate to begin with which makes me think that now there must be about 2 inches of space left.  At least they didn’t rip the entire house down.  That’s what happened to 75% of the houses on the block.   This is when I think change is very, very bad 🙁

2)  I ran by the thrift store yesterday and found these little guys on the shelf for $2.00.  Pier One salt & pepper shakers.  I love them.  I’m a sucker for birds.

3)  I have a little table area by the front door that I decorate every month to reflect the season or holiday.  I’m not much of a decorator and big spaces overwhelm me, so this is a good compromise.  The little change makes me happy.

So does this quote.

I made this message board a year ago and the kids enjoy reading the new quotes I put up every few weeks.

4)  Today I spent way too much time doing this:

Eliza’s been bugging me to make rainbow Jell-o for weeks now, but it’s so danged time consuming that I’ve been putting it off.  I lost the link to the recipe I always used but I found another and figured that it couldn’t be that different, right?  Wrong.  The proportions are all wonky so now I am short a white layer and that means I have an extra color that I don’t know what to do with.  Enjoy the rainbow Jell-o kids.  I can assure you, it’ll be another year before I muster up the energy to do this again!

5) Sunday is the official end to the Crossfit Open.  I’m going to do the final workout tonight, much to my relief.  This was a real roller coaster ride, but I’ve realized that I’m stronger than I think and more determined than I give myself credit for.  It’s that “can-do” attitude that has put me firmly (currently) in 11,297th place, worldwide.  YES!  Go, me.  All kidding aside, I’ve seen some amazing changes in my body (and my attitude), so I’m going to rest on my not-so-flabby laurels for a while and bask in my own version of “success”.

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