It’s All About the Presentation

Troy has been wanting to be more independent in so many ways lately. It’s pretty cool, because he really wants to help around the house – cleaning, helping me straighten, and the infamous sanitizing. I think he’s expecting an allowance, but we just pretend to be clueless. That will come eventually, but for now, we are just enjoying his helping. He’s at an age where it’s actually helping too, so that’s cool … not like Will’s age, where his helping turns into, “Hey, let’s make a huge mess for Mom to do more work.”

Lately, though, he’s really been wanting to help make meals. The other day, I told him to go ahead and make his dinner. I was very curious about what he would choose to go with his peanut butter sandwich (because that part was a given). I was very proud when he chose raspberries and tomatoes. I HAVE been teaching him well after all! I did learn something though. Apparently just putting them in groups on a plate isn’t enough. It truly is all about the presentation…

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