MedicAlert Buttons

*I am not being paid, or receiving any sort of incentive to write this post.  I just like to share my favorite things with other allergy families :)*

Link to MedicAlert

When we realized that Little Sisters allergies were so life-threatening, we knew that we needed to take an extra step to protect her.  I bought her a food allergy warning shirt and that was incredible, but I wanted something to put on the back of her shirt so that people got the idea not to feed her at parties, or touch her in the grocery store with food residue on their hands.

I bought this 5 pack from a fantastic store on, called MedicAlert.  They were SO inexpensive, and really well made.  The buttons get put on both the front, and the back of her shirt, the zipper pull goes on her coats, and the keychain is on the diaper bag.

Right now my favorite of the whole pack is these zipper pulls.  They are small, but very obvious.  I keep one on the zippers of all of her coats.  Because of the weather, people cant see her shirt anymore, and these Zipper pulls fill that need perfectly!  Everyone notices it against her coats, and it keeps me some piece of mind.

They also have buttons and zipper pulls that are specific to your childs condition or food allergy.  So, if your child is asthmatic, or allergic to peanuts, or allergic to dairy, you can find a very specific one that works best for you!

Go check her etsy store out!  Prices were SO reasonable, and the shipping was only $2!

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