Real Simple, Cloth Diapering 101

Day 1: Real Simple Real Diaper Outreach/Cloth Diapering 101

*Part 2*

Cloth Diapering 101… When I first started, I read, read and read! You should be educated before you make your first purchase. You can just buy a few different diapers and just figure out what kind of diapers you like, and there are some retailers that let you “try” the diapers and that would save you tons of money.

Here is some info that every family should know before using Cloth Diapers.

  1. You don’t need to break the bank!
  2. Yes, it can be smelly.
  3. Be ready to start Potty Training early.
  4. You can’t stop the CUTENESS!

Okay, that’s not all you need to know… But some good pointers. I don’t want to sugar coat it for ya. SO here it is!

  1. Find your retailers, local if you can, that carry your favorite types of diapers.
  2. Then, get all the needed accessories: Diaper Pail/Wet Bag, Cloth Wipes (and box), Wipe Solution (spray bottle),  extra Inserts, Cloth Diaper Pins, and a Diaper Bag.
  3. Cloth Diaper Detergent!! (Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent)
  4. Drying rack/line if needed.
  5. Last but not least, a baby to put the diapers on!

Now you are ready to jump on board and see if cloth diapers are for your baby and your family. Lots of great info to come!

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